The following are resources for students of all experience levels, from the beginning glider student to CFIG applicant.  This page also contains resources for tow pilots and flight instructors.


All Pilots

Standard Operating Procedures


Glider Flying Handbook (FAA)

Thermalling Techniques by Dick Johnson

Airspace for Everyone

Airspace for Dummies

Aviation Weather for Pilots (FAA)

Aeronautical Decision Making (FAA) An older Advisory Circular

Aeronautical Decision Making (FAA) Chapter 2 of the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Common Pilot Errors, by Ken Sorenson

Jim Burch's Study Guide  This webpage is an amazingly good resource for beginning glider students.  Includes quizzes.



L-23 Blanik Preflight and Pretakeoff checklist


The Beginning Student

Beginning Student to solo "Roadmap" (Coming soon)

Taking an Active Role in Your Flight Training

Wing Runner Online Course

American Soaring Signals

Instruments and Flight Controls

TLAR Landing Procedure

Post Flight Review

Solo checklist (before going solo you must do this)

Ground Instruction

Flight Instruments (2018/12, Prigge)

Skew-T Plots for Soaring Pilots (2019/01, Hahn)

Glider Math by Two’s and Three’s (Intro to Cross Country) (2019/05, Hahn/Prigge/Brickner)

Soaring Weather Links (2019/06, Hahn)

The Post-solo Student

From Solo Student to License "Roadmap" (Coming soon)

Private Pilot's flight exam checklist (before taking the practical exam you must do this)

Flight Examiner Expectations - One perspective

Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Glider 


The Post-Private Student aka "Crossing the Country with Ease"

From Private License to Cross Country pilot “Roadmap”

Cross-Country Flying Instructional Material


The Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot's Flight Exam Checklist (before taking the practical exam you must do this)

Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards for Glider


The Flight Instructor

Flight instructor checklist (before taking the practical exam you must do this)

Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Glider

Introduction to Fundamentals of Instruction (Courtesy of Jamie Shore, SCOH. Material from Soaring Magazine)

Aeronautical Decision Making for CFI's

TSA Flight Training Requirements for Flight Schools and Independent CFI's


GHSA Flight Instructor's Material

Training Syllabus - January 2014 revision

Student Progress Table

Certified Flight Instructor Glider Study and Reference Materials

Guidance and Ideas for Giving Flight Reviews

Crosswind Landings

Radio Procedures

General Knowledge Test

To-do: SSA Cross Country Handbook

To-do: Introduction to Pilot Judgement

Aeronautical Decision Making

Endorsement Examples

Soaring Safety Foundation

The FARs (Complete and online)



Tow Pilots

Experience Requirements to Tow Gliders

Tow Pilot Online Training Course

Wing Runner Online Course

Tow Pilot Manual

Cessna AgWagon Manual

Changing the oil on an AgWagon


The Transition Pilot

This article from the FAA explains soaring and the benefits of glider experience and training to all pilots:
Gliding Your Way to Greater Pilot Proficiency

Challenges of Powerless Flight (AOPA)


Quizzes and Tests

L-23 pre-solo test

1-26 test

Grob 102 test