Power Pilots


Greater Flight Proficiency

Are you a power pilot or aspire to be one? You might be surprised to hear that soaring can take your flight proficiency to another level. This article from the FAA explains soaring and the benefits of glider experience and training to all pilots.
Gliding Your Way to Greater Pilot Proficiency

A powered pilot and a glider pilot explain the experience of powerless flight:
Challenges of Powerless Flight (AOPA)


Safe Pilots with Tail-Wheel Experience Needed

Do you have a single engine land rating with at least 10 hours of recent tail-wheel experience? If so, and your first three priorities when flying are safety, safety, and safety, you may be able to join our association as a tow-pilot member. Tow pilot-only members complement our full members who tow the gliders up. Our tow pilots are critical to our operation, and our tow pilot-only members pay only $50 a month to fly our Cessna Ag Wagons for free while towing a glider. Please call 1-866-478-2323 for more information.