Cross Country Tasks and Training Resources

Pre-Made Tasks

Pre-made Tasks

Ground School Lessons

Cross-country Intro (Calculating glides — Go/no-go decision points)

SSA Webinars

SSA Webinars

Recommended Reading

By Kai Gertsen:

Aviation Center Library:

  • Bob Wander books, especially:

    • Breaking the Apron Strings: Soaring Cross Country by Phil Petmecky

    • Cross Country Manual For Glider Pilots, by Dean Carswell

    • Landing Out: The Final Four Minutes, by Don Ingraham

    • Riding On Air: Ridge Wave, & Convergence Lift, by Rolf Hertensten, Ph.D.

    • Thermals

  • Cross-Country Soaring, by Helmut Reichman

  • Winning on the Wind, by George Moffat


  • The Soaring Engine, volume one, by G Dale

Study Guides

Bronze Badge Study Guide


SSA: Badges and Records