Congratulations! You have joined the exclusive society of those with an FAA approved license for soaring!  Now you are able to introduce others to the exhilaration of soaring!

Your training however is not over. In fact, you will find you will learn something on nearly every flight you take in your entire soaring career.  But now is the time to start working on cross-country skills.

You should plan on flying occasionally with an instructor to hone your skills and work on your badges outside of this program as well.  There are advanced maneuvers and exercises that you can work on together to enhance your skills and knowledge of soaring.

First of all, as you are an SSA member, you have earned your A badge and may even have your B, C and Bronze badges. As your skills and knowledge improve and increase, you need to start working on your Silver and Gold badge legs.


The resources on the Cross-Country page will help you gain the skills needed to safely soar cross country.

There are many books that could be added to your library.  These include:

  • Cross Country Soaring by Helmut Reichman
  • Any of Bob Wander’s books such as the “anything Made Easy” and those from his Glider Mentor Series.  See for a complete list. Copies of his books are available in the aviation center library for your review.

Seems like a lot of effort doesn’t it? It’s actually pretty easy when you take it one step at a time. And it sure is great fun to “break the apron strings” and see some of the countryside!