GROB 102 Astir CS PRESOLO TEST – N127SS / SN 1348


Grob 102 Astir CS Presolo Test N127SS / SN 1348


1. The pitot tube is located:

a. On the vertical stabilizer
b. On the nose
c. On each side of the fuselage
d. On leading edge of wing

2. There (is) are:

a. 2 static ports on each side of the fuselage
b. 4 static ports on each side of the fuselage
c. 6 static ports on each side of the fuselage
d. 1 static port on the nose

3. Vne is:

a. 200 mph
b. 135 knots
c. 100 knots
d. 92 knots

4. Adjust rudder pedals by:

a. Moving the seat aft
b. Release the lock on the instrument panel
c. Only on the ground
d. Yellow knob at bottom left of the instrument panel

5. Raise the main gear by:

a. Pushing gear handle forward and locking in gate
b. Pulling gear handle backwards and locking in gate

6. Max aero tow speed is:

a. 64 knots
b. 84 knots
c. 92 knots
d. 64 mph

7. Maneuvering speed is:

a. 50 knots
b. 135 knots
c. 92 knots
d. 74 mph

8. Trim control is:

a. On left side of cockpit
b. On right side of cockpit

9. Max useful load is:

a. 190 lbs.
b. 276 lbs.
c. 50 kg.
d. 300 lbs

10. To release towline pull:

a. Yellow knob on right side of stick
b. Blue know on right side of stick
c. Yellow knob on left side of stick
d. Blue know on right side of stick

11. Stall speed is approx:

a. 32 knots @ 350 kps total weight (770 lbs.)
b. 42 knots @ 660 kps total weight (1,452 lbs.)
c. 55 knots @ 350 kps total weight (770 lbs.)
d. 55 knots @ 660 kps total weight (1,452 lbs.)

12. CG Hook is located:

a. in wheel well
b. on landing gear
c. in front of wheel well
d. does not apply

13. Minimum equipment list does NOT include:

a. Air speed indicator
b. Altimeter
c. Variometer
d. Radio

14. Minimum Cockpit Weight:

a. 180 lbs.
b. 92 lbs.
c. 154 lbs.
d. 123 lbs.

15. Minimum sink speed @ 350 kps. (770 lbs.)

a. 38 knots
b. 41 knots
c. 46 knots
d. 52 knots


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Things to know before flying the GROB 102

Spoilers are more effective than a Blanik. Use only about one half spoilers until you are accustomed to them. Full spoilers drop the plane like a rock.

View out front has affect of making it seem it is more nose down than it is. Therefore the aircraft appears to be going faster than it is.

The Grob has a short "throw" on the control least for those of us who usually fly the 1-26, Blanik, and Lark. It is very easy to get into a PIO on takeoff. Use very small motions of the stick on takeoff.

There is no tail wheel on the Grob, but a skid instead. It is VERY bouncy and noisy before the tail gets airborne. It is also a good practice to keep the tail off the ground as long as possible on landing, to avoid tearing off the skid. Do not push the nose down when landing in order to accomplish this. Maintain a level flight.

Check minimum and maximum weights in the Pilot Operating Handbook.

Do NOT retract the gear when on aero tow, unless you are using the ‘nose hook’. CG hook is located on the gear. (Good practice when flying ANY plane, concentrate on flying the glider.)

Sit in cockpit and get used to location of controls. Be able to close your eyes and find all controls and instruments.