Annual Banquet

We had 28 people at our annual banquet last night. Everyone attending had a good time. Lou almost burned the place down with his 12 pound brie.

Here are the awards:

Total Glider Flights (non-intro, non-instructional): Dak Davis - 130 flights

Total Glider Flight Hours (non-intro, non-instructional): Dak Davis - 68:39

Average of Longest Five Flights (From GHSA, non-contest): Steve Nichols: 4:05

Tow Pilot of the Year: Adam Harris, 111 tows

Intro Pilot of the Year: Dak Davis, 45 flights

Iron Man of the Year: Uwe Prigge 103 flights (73 instruction, 2 intro, 33 tows)

Flight Safety Crew Person of the Year: Jason Bridger, 117.3 hours

Dispatcher of the Year: Beth Aslaksen: 118.8 hours

Maintenance Crew Person of the Year: Travis LaGrone, 136.6 hours

Volunteer of the Year (total volunteer hours, exclusive of board time): Craig Shoemaker, 336 hours

Thank you to ALL of our volunteers. You make this organization possible!

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