Work Day at the Field - Thanks for all the help!

Wow, another great day, even though the field was too wet to fly (sound familiar? argh!)

We had a work day today at the airfield. By my count, at least 24 people were here helping out, including a few new members who jumped right in. We pressure washed the deck and the hangar doors, cleaned out the hangar, worked on hangar door maintenance, painted door number lines, replaced light fixtures in the AV center, repaired the pump house, washed windows, and worked on lots of other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Gary and Uwe cooked breakfast and lunch for the hungry volunteers.

Thanks to everyone who came out today! It was great! And thanks much to Jason and Ken who organized the effort and did a lot of planning and prep work to make this a successful event.

Thanks to Uwe for the photos.