Member must adhere to association policies. If a policy is broken by a member, disciplinary action may be taken by the board of directors.

Association Policies

Last update 2018/05/07 by T. Hahn

  • Members are required to volunteer at least one day per month
  • Members are required to pay their dues and flying expenses on time
  • Members are required to abide by and follow the Standard Operating Procedures ("SOPs") (revised 2017)
  • Members are required to pay for the first $1,000 of any damage (glider, towplane, property) or the association deductible if the asset is insured, whichever is lower. If a glider requires renter's insurance, the member is required to pay their deductible in event of damage and work with their insurance company to get the damage repairs or the club reimbursed if a total loss.
  • Members are required to have $30,000 of renter's insurance if flying the Lark or Std. Cirrus
  • Members are required to have a cockpit checkout by an instructor and written permission from that instructor prior to flying any GHSA-owned glider which they haven't flown before

Members are urged, but not required, to have $30,000 of renter's insurance regardless of what association ship (glider, towplane) they fly. This is usually less than $500 per year through a company like LL Johns & Associates.